PhotoshopBoring Friends

"Oddly Satisfying". An ASMR inspired Reel showcasing how Adobe Photoshop can create the perfect vegan recipe.

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KittlLucy Eden

Graphic Design emergency! Using Kittl to quickly create impressive, professional designs.

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HnryElliot Ulm

"Elliot's guide to taxes" a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post to make people smile about taxation in collaboration with Hnry.

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Nord VPNElliot Ulm

Short mid-roll ad for Nord in a viral YouTube video that hit over 500k views in 3 weeks.

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NikonElliot Ulm

Product review for the Nikon Z fc camera. Elliot was tasked to try out the camera in a variety of scenarios and post the results. Elliot also created a bespoke poster that was given away to a lucky competition winner.

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Art creation and Instagram post to promote the Aero 16 laptop.

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Art creation and Instagram post to promote the re-brand of the digital drawing product maker.

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Instagram post to promote the ConceptD 3 Ezel laptop.

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Bespoke artwork piece commissioned by Adobe to celebrate International Youth Day. Post achieved over 40k likes.

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Piece was commissioned by Discord for their #yourplacetotalk campaign.

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Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California. Through abstracted form, ribbons of color and joyous words, her work aims to represent the nuances of womanhood.

Aoife O'Dwyer

Artist, illustrator, designer, creative director & web3 enthusiast with 18.7k followers on Twitter. Aoife is the brains behind "The Foofees" NFT project and is a vocal and active participant in the NFT space.

Asia Ladowska

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, this enigmatic artist and author fuses pop culture and anime. Asia has worked with brands such as Gigabyte and her NFT collection "Ethereal Art" sold over 7000 pieces.

Boring Friends

Boring Friends is a Toronto-based creative type, specializing in graphic design, branding and illustration. Armed with 10+ years of experience, a positive attitude, and an overworked-but-very-reliable coffee maker, he aims to make work that is intentional, simple and approachable. 211k followers on Insta

Elliot Ulm

Elliot Ulm is a Sydney-based graphic design content creator. He is known for his bold and humorous posters that poke fun at the graphic design industry and offer a fresh take on a comedy scene built on "making the logo bigger" and mocking Comic Sans. He has amassed over 350k followers across Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.

Isabelle Staub

Isabelle received a BFA in Illustration at Moore College of Art and Design located in Philadelphia. Isabelle's versatility as an artist has qualified her to create work for many different companies including Marvel Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, MGA and Corel Painter. Along with creating original artwork, she also utilizes her various social media platforms to collaborate with brands she believes in. Isabelle's rapidly growing Instagram channel has amassed over 400k followers.

Jesse Nyberg aka permanentglue

Jesse Nyberg is a freelance graphic designer from Los Angeles. His Instagram and Youtube channel aims to teach, learn, and chat about graphic design, art, freelancing, and creativity. He's collaborated with brands such as Wix, Stills, Acer, Adobe and Skillshare.

Lucy Eden

Lucy Eden is a freelance brand identity designer and content creator based in the US who is known for providing educational and entertaining content surrounding graphic design on her Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. She has grown an audience of over 250K across her social channels from 2022 to 2023 and worked with many brands to develop their visual brand identity.


After finishing art school in Spain, Lidia (known online as Msshanh) became a freelance illustrator as well as a UX/UI designer. Her Instagram page has amassed 284k followers and focuses on character design drawn either digitally or with alcohol markers.

Stefan Kunz

Stefan Kunz is a letterer, designer, and illustrator bringing his imagination to life on paper (and beyond). He's captured the attention of international clients whilst building a dedicated social audience (710k+ on Instagram and 1M views on Youtube). In addition to collaborating with clients such as Porsche, Nespresso, Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Bombay Sapphire, LG, Microsoft, Stefan is the author of “The Art of Lettering” and “You Are God’s Masterpiece”.



Founded in 2022 by Martyn Lester, RESTLE is a management agency representing visual content creators. Our talent all have their own highly distinctive art styles and have each amassed large social media followings.

Our role is to connect brands with the talent on our roster, assisting in the delivery of high-quality and engaging content. Examples of our work include "draw in your style" sponsored post campaigns for TV and gaming companies, give-away for laptop and tablet companies, connecting talent to publishers or online tuition communities and sponsored product reviews or tutorials.

If you're an amazing artist with a fast-growing social media platform then we'd love to hear from you. If you're a brand looking to connect with talented artists with large social media followings we'd love to hear from you too!